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Evolving Through Innovation: SmartFlower Solar's Migration to Business Central

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About the Client

SmartFlower Solar, an innovator in the renewable energy sector, sought to revolutionize its data management and operational processes. SmartFlower Solar got its name from its solar generation product designed to mimic a flower. Previously reliant on Dynamics GP for managing its dual operations in the US and Austria, the company recognized the need for a more agile, integrated financial system.


  1. Data Management and Reporting:
    The limitations of Dynamics GP hindered SmartFlower Solar’s ability to have efficient data analysis and pivot table manipulations, creating more time-consuming work for employees. SmartFlower Solar users wanted to migrate to the cloud where they could easily create data visualizations and improve search functionality.

  2. Integration and System Navigation:
    The lack of integration with Salesforce, their CRM system, made it cumbersome for employees to navigate between systems. This significantly slowed operational processes, including common tasks like sales order processing.

  3. International Operations and User Access:
    Managing two separate entities across continents was further complicated by Dynamics GP’s on premises restrictions. SmartFlower Solar wanted to migrate to an online system, that would be accessible from various remote devices and locations.

  4. Excessive Licensing and Overhead Spend:
    SmartFlower Solar faced increased financial costs with Dynamics GP, incurring a $1,500 annual expense for currency exchange rate functionalities, and an additional $500 monthly for Azure storage. Like most lean, agile teams they were looking for a more cost-effective licensing solution.


Transitioning to Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) offered a comprehensive solution, enhancing data accessibility, and seamless integrations for an improved user experience. Sherpa Plus, JourneyTEAM’s quick-start implementation program, emerged as a fitting solution for the transition, offering a blend of training, support, and flexibility that aligned with the company’s specific needs. This included tailored workshops on the Salesforce and Avalara integrations, and additional training sessions on inventory management, purchase planning, and financial reporting within Business Central.



  1. Streamlined Operations:
    The migration of Dynamics 365 Business Central reduced the time required for sales order processing by 50%, and improved the efficiency of account payable processing, inventory, and billing, enhancing overall productivity for employees.

  2. Enhanced Data Integration and Reporting:
    SmartFlower Solar now has a seamless integration with Salesforce and Avalara. These integrations allow their team to have better data extraction and analysis capabilities within BC. This has empowered the company to have a holistic view of operations and make data-driven decisions. JourneyTEAM’s Sherpa Plus program also offered SmartFlower Solar additional trainings around their integrations, which helped their team to fully adopt Business Central as their new financial system.

  3. Cost Savings and International Synergy:
    Establishing separate environments for US and Austrian operations simplified reporting and significantly reduced costs. With monthly Azure fees reduced and currency exchange rates no longer an issue, SmartFlower Solar is now saving over $8,000 annually.

Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, we simplify and effectively use technology to create a positive, lasting impact on the world.

JourneyTEAM Vision Statement

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This strategic shift to Business Central, guided by JourneyTeam’s Sherpa Plus program, not only addressed the immediate operational inefficiencies but also positioned the company for scalable growth and innovation.

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