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Dynamics 365 Sales

Catalyst Packages

Discover Which Package is Right For You

Sales Starter

per user, per month
s $95 per user licensing fee
12 month agreement

Best for teams looking for contact management, sales management, and reporting. This plan is great for those wanting to test Dynamics 365 CRM with a focus on adoption and hands-on support.

  • Implementation setup

  • Training resources such as videos and live consultant

  • Lead to opportunity business flow (1-3 stage customizations)

  • Enhanced Sales and Sales Manager dashboards

Sales Automation Package

per user, per month
plus $95 per user
licensing fee
12 month agreement

For those looking for more advanced sales management, AI, and activity tracking in addition to what’s included with Sales Starter.

  • Lead to opportunity business flow (up to 2 additional branches, 1-5 stage customizations, 1-15 data points within the stages)

  • Sales Copilot and Assistant configurations

  • Additional reports and activity tracking

  • Implementation setup

  • Training resources such as videos and live consultants

  • Enhanced Sales and Sales Manager dashboards

Advanced Sales

per user, per month
plus $95 per user
licensing fee
12 month agreement

This plan is best suited for those looking for advanced sales management with quoting, along with hands-on support.

  • Everything listed in Sales Automation & Sales Starter

  • Lead to opportunity business flow (up to 3 additional branches, 1-7 stage customizations, 1-20 data points within the stages)

  • Security Model Overview (1 hour)

  • Products, Price List Configurations plus up to 2 Word templates (Quote PDFs)

  • Implementation setup

  • Training resources such as videos and live consultants

  • Enhanced Sales and Sales Manager dashboards

If you are an SMB looking to streamline admin operations, automate sales tasks, or consolidate and visualize sales data, one of the Dynamics 365 Catalyst packages is for you. These packages include the outcomes below, as well as best practice trainings, and ongoing support from experienced consultants, as you quickly deploy Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Do I need a Sherpa or a Full-Service implementation?
    Determining which implementation you need hinges on what you are looking to get out of Power BI, and the resources you have to get you there. A Sherpa Project is a quick-start implementation approach of adding Power BI to your company’s environment, and your resources have a technical understanding to do a lot of the implementation. It includes:  · Discovery Sessions to assess their current environment, requirements, and skills · Training Sessions to teach Power BI basics · Coaching Session to help company employees do their own Power BI projects · A checklist of Power BI Best Practices.  It is not a completed Power BI report project, and does not include extensions and customizations.   In a full-service project, your company specifies goals and achievements with Power BI. The JourneyTEAM BI and Analytics Team works with you to deliver finished BI products, and JourneyTEAM does most of the technical heavy lifting. You define the finished products and goals in the scope of requirements.
  • What is the difference in cost between a Sherpa or a Full-Service implementation? 
    A Power BI Sherpa Project costs $15,800 and lasts ten weeks. It is a jumpstart to your company's BI environment and training.   Full-service projects are time and materials projects. The pricing depends on scope and estimated hours to complete the project. You control the scope through collaboration during Sprint Planning and Backlog Meetings. You only pay for the hours used. Power BI full-service implementations usually start at $30,000.
  • What is the time difference between a Sherpa or a Full-Service implementation?
    A Power BI Sherpa Project lasts ten weeks.  Full-service projects can last much longer depending on the needs and requirements specified in the project scope.
  • What are the benefits of each, a Sherpa or a Full-Service implementation?
    The Sherpa Project could be an excellent fit for you if: Your company wants to learn how to better use Power BI and receive guidance in applying best practices. OR you are looking to implement Power BI, and have a technical team who can help with a majority of the implementation, and you only require occasional help and training from a partner. The full-service project is a better option for you if:  You want someone to deliver a finished Power BI project but don't have the resources to do the work yourself.
  •  Is the outcome the same after implementation? No.
    The Power BI Sherpa Project: You gain well-trained company resources, a configured environment, and a checklist of best practices and how they apply to your business.  The Full-service Project: You gain a delivered Power BI Project with the full scope of your requirements.   After the completion of either project, JourneyTEAM offers more support options.
  •  Any other thoughts you want to add on a Sherpa implementation?
    To be a good candidate for Power BI Sherpa: Your company has a team of employees that are ready and available to learn how to use Power BI. Your team is required to complete a Power BI Dashboard in a Day training or Introduction to Power BI class before the Sherpa Project begins. The Sherpa Program builds on the foundation of those courses. It delivers further training and coaching and helps with best practices.
  •  Do I need Power BI Pro, Premium Per User, or Premium Capacity?
    We look at a variety of factors to determine which Power BI licensing is best for you. Factors include the amount of data, data refresh needs, development strategy, number of users, and data sourcing.
  •  Why should I switch to Power BI?
    Power BI offers what many other reporting tools have and more for a smaller price. Power BI includes a powerful ETL tool, a powerful metric and data modeling creation language, customizable visualizations, and deep integration with the Microsoft Suite.
  •  Can Power BI export to different file formats?
    Yes. Power BI can export to PDF, PowerPoint (static and live), and excel (static and live). With Power BI Premium Per User or Premium Capacity you get the ability to automate the export of reports/data as needed.
  •  Can Power BI connect to my data sources?
    Power BI has a large library of data connectors that is growing every month. If your data source is not yet included Power BI has tools to build a custom connector for your data source using an API. Power BI is built on Azure which has additional tools to get any data source into Power BI.
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