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Harness the Power of Business Central Finance Reports

Transform your financial reporting with Dynamics 365 Business Central
and Power BI.

A New Era of Financial Reporting

Data-driven decisions lead to business growth by focusing on areas for improvement. The Business Central Financial Reports extract financial data from Business Central to create fast, accurate reports in Power BI that enable you to make data-driven decisions. Choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions to best fit your organizational needs.

Harness the Power of Business Central Finance Reports

Business Value Delivered

  • Custom Report Building: Utilize the underlying dataset for tailored financial analysis.

  • Easy Data Access: Direct connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central for seamless data retrieval.

  • Pre-Built Reporting: Leverage multiple report pages covering essential financial aspects like balance sheets and income statements.

  • Insightful Analytics: Gain both high-level overviews and detailed insights for strategic decision-making.

  • Power BI License Empowerment: Enable employees to derive insights with just a Power BI license.

  • Interactive Data Experience: Engage deeply with data through filtering, highlighting, and detail drilling.

  • Dynamic Filtering: Tailor reports to specific needs, enabling precise data access for informed decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting: Access a wide range of detailed financial reports for strategic insights into financial health.

In-Depth Reports Available

  • Executive Summary: Provides a high-level view of financial performance and health.

  • Balance Sheet: Offers insights into the company's financial position at a specific point in time.

  • Detailed General Ledger Report: Allows for a thorough examination of all general ledger activities.

  • Income Statement: Analyzes revenue, expenses, and profit over a period.

  • Trial Balance: Assesses the balance of all accounts, verifying the ledger's integrity.

Take Your Financial Reporting to the Next Level

Cost: Basic implementation starts at $7,995, additional customization available at an hourly rate.

To learn more about our Business Central Finance Reports, and how to quickly get started, 

check out this detailed blog.


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