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Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop

Make Your Adoption and Change Management a Success

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Invest in Your People

It is your employees that accept and apply these changes. You can’t achieve your target business goals without them. JourneyTEAM helps involve your employees to create lasting change management and user adoption.

Without employees’ adoptation to change, it becomes a risk. If sufficient preparation and application for change are ignored, the costs and risks will be faced.

Microsoft Teams Adoption Workshop

Why Adoption Management Matter

  • Avoid productivity loss due to employees who are not familiar with change

  • Reducing delays in delivering and progressing business projects

  • Poor change management is costly and requires unplanned investments if not planned properly


Stakeholders speak a common language around change

Employees embrace and adopt changes more quickly

Technologies yield enterprise-wide productivity gains

Organizations mitigate the negative effects of change saturation

Strategic organizational initiatives meet or exceed long-term objectives


This adoption planning workshop enables businesses and IT leaders to identify customer use cases, create strategic alignment, and define actionable roadmaps that deliver transformational business value. Each phase of the workshop drives the customer intent by identifying priorities and business objectives tied to people, timelines, and actions.


  • Specific Use Cases

  • Who Will be Impacted?

  • Champions

  • Success Metrics

  • Communication & Awareness Plan

  • Resistance Management

  • Adoption & Training Plan

Schedule a time with JourneyTEAM to discuss tailoring this workshop for your organization.

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Grow with JoureyTEAM. Talk to us about customized change management for your business and your customers.