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4 Tips for Leading the AI Transformation at Your Company

Updated: May 8, 2019

The Hype

Depending on who you listen to, AI is about to change the world, destroy the world, or take over the world. Or all 3.

This is heady stuff. It seems so big, in fact, that it's hard to conceive of it in any practical way.

How can you use AI at your company? Where do you start? What use cases should you be looking for? What value could it create for your company?

Because we know that AI can be a little bit overwhelming, we've put together a short report in this post to help you start thinking about Machine Learning or AI in ways that are both valuable and realistic.

Tip 1: AI is Not Magic

I'm not going to quote that tired old "indistinguishable from magic" quote that was so popular 6 or 7 years ago.

My point here is exactly the opposite. AI seems complex. It seems impossible. It's actually very simple. Most of the really hard work that makes AI possible has been done over several decades…and packaged up into web services that developers can access inexpensively.

It's amazing.

These web services give us the ability to create programs that learn and mimic human intelligence. If there is a certain task or job in your company that requires data, is driven by data, and produces more data… Then there's a good chance you could train an AI program to perform the job.

Tip 2: Ignore the Hype and Focus on Tangible, Concrete Business Value

What areas of your business are bogged down in labor-intensive processes, or in time-consuming interactions with customers?

Where is there value to be created from data that humans simply don't have the time or the bandwidth to process?

The low-hanging fruit for AI is in areas where humans are doing repetitive work at scale.

AI can be trained to perform many of these tasks, which would allow the humans doing the tasks

today to step up a level and scale their skills through the use of AI.

Tip 3: Start Small

Think of AI as a muscle that your organization will need to develop and learn to use.

If you wanted to build bigger biceps, you wouldn't go to the gym and grab the 80-lb dumbbells right off the bat …

And in like manner, you don't start your company on AI with a massive project designed to transform everything you do. The only commitment you need to make at the beginning is to test it and see what happens. Choose one of the areas where concrete business value would exist with AI, and then commit to a test. Let it run. Get data.

Then tweak it and let it keep running. Iterate up to big results over time.

Tip 4: Get Help

The quickest path the nowhere is assigning people who don't know anything about AI to learn it and then do it for your company.

While my message to you today is that it's not overwhelmingly complex from a business standpoint… AI is built upon technologies that require training. Things like machine learning and natural language processing.

The best way to start building your AI muscle at your company is to get help from people who know what they're doing …

To help you take the right steps and implement successfully.

To Get There, You Must Start Here

The key is to get started. The greatest value will be created as you take action and learn from the results. Here's a great first step - attend our webcast on June 7 to learn how to lead the adoption of AI at your company.

The tips we've given you here today will make you a wise voice as you lead conversations about AI at your company …

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Attend this webcast to get the tools you need to lead out in this coming wave of technological change.



Attend 1 or all of this 3-part webinar. In each webinar we will address a new topic.

Thu, Jun 7, 2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MDT (Webinar)

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