Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Bots | Real World Use For Your Business

Updated: May 9, 2019


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Attend 1 or all of this 3-part webinar. In each webinar we will address a new topic.

Thu, Jun 7 — AI & Bots – Real World Use for Your Business 11am-12pm MDT (Webinar)

Thu, Jun 14 — How AI & Bots Will Change Customer Service 11am-12pm MDT (Webinar)

Thu, Jun 21 — How AI & Bots Will Change Sales & Marketing 11am-12pm MDT

(Webinar or Attend Live Lunch & Learn - UT Location)


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Bot's are creating intelligent opportunities that complement human reasoning and experiences. AI & Bots are harnessing digital data, communicating in natural language, answering complex questions, interacting with their environment, and generating NEW REVENUE streams.

Imagine the POSSIBILITIES. This 3-part webinar will give you REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS on how you can use AI & Bots—TODAY!


• The Difference Between Machine Learning, AI, and Bots

• AI and Bots are not Magic...They're REAL Solutions

• Ignore the HYPE —Focus on Concrete Business Solutions/Value

• Leverage Tools and Platforms You're Already Using

• Decision Making and Planning—Start Small

• Integrative Intelligence

• Human AI Collaboration

This deep dive will help you analyze your business pains and how to integrate AI & Bot's into your business today. Learn how to increase income opportunities, enhance your customer service, and reduce overhead.


Thu, Jun 21 will be a webinar and an ON-LOCATION Lunch & Learn at the JourneyTEAM UT office - 859 W South Jordan Pkwy - Suite 100 - South Jordan, UT 84095


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