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Good News for Android Users: Updates in Microsoft Outlook

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Android Users Can Now Create To-Do Tasks From Outlook Emails

March 10, 2021

Android users who are fully immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem are getting some much-needed attention from Microsoft. Recently Android users have seen the addition of third-party calendar sync, custom notifications, and a feature that allows users to ignore specific conversations. Now, users who rely on Outlook for email and Microsoft's To Do for task management will be happy to see better integration in the latest update.

Microsoft Outlook was introduced back in 1997. It has come a long way on PCs, Macs, and eventually smartphones and other mobile devices. Even with a growing variety of email clients available, Outlook remains among the most popular, especially among corporate users. It continues to stay relevant in the increasingly mobile world by rolling out new features aimed at users across all devices.

Meet Microsoft's To Do

Microsoft's To Do is a relatively simple, cross-platform, cloud-based task manager. It is available for Android, Windows 10, iOS, macOS, and as a web app through most browsers. The task manager space is quite full of robust apps. Still, Microsoft's offering is attractive to people who use other software from the company.

The latest version of Outlook for Android (v4.2103) adds the functionality to create tasks in To Do directly from emails. This has the potential to save a lot of time and effort, especially when working on a smaller mobile screen. To take advantage of the feature on Android, users must have both the latest Outlook update and To Do installed.

How to Create Tasks

When viewing an email message, Outlook users can select "Create Task" from the overflow three-dot menu at the upper right. To save some steps, Microsoft To Do will automatically snag the email's subject line and message body and add them to the task. Once created, users can easily open and view the contents of the email within Outlook.

Stay Tuned

This won't be the last feature update coming to Outlook for Android. Microsoft has announced coming support for the syncing of contact sub-folders and the addition of emoji reactions. It seems Microsoft will be keeping things fresh for Android users for some time. The latest versions of both Outlook and To Do are available through the Google Play Store.

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