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Shipping Company Avoids Lengthy Data Replication with Dynamics 365 Virtual Tables

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Learn how JourneyTEAM helped increase visibility into shipping orders and sales data to limit costly delays, low customer satisfaction, and postponed profits.

A midsize manufacturing client of ours was struggling with easily accessing and reporting on their data. This company ships products all over the United States but had low visibility into shipping and warehouse orders which made it difficult for warehouse managers and employees to know what products had shipped and when.

They had Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to access and query data, but the integration process was sometimes lengthy, causing some delays and confusion among employees. This company needed a solution that would allow them to quickly visualize and report on data without a lengthy integration or data replication process. 

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Using Business Central Virtual Tables to Enhance Visibility and Streamline Processes

To streamline the lengthy integration process, JourneyTEAM utilized a new Microsoft feature: Business Central Virtual Tables. These tables allow users to pull in data from Dataverse into their Business Central environment without the data actually residing in Business Central. This allows users to skip the lengthy integration processes and gain access to real-time data significantly faster. 

Virtual tables allowed our client to quickly and easily drill down into manufacturing data such as order lines or warehouse ship lines. Once tables are created, users are provided with detailed datasets that are simple and easy to manage. Users can view data in fields, grids, search results, Dynamics 365 dashboards, Fetch XML-based reports, and more using the platform's robust data visualization tools. And it’s simple for users to further query, modify, and report on data if needed. Company employees were quickly able to tell which products had shipped and when based on the table and could pass the information on to higher-ups using the automatically generated report. 

Thanks to virtual tables, the company gained increased visibility into shipping orders which helped to streamline the ordering process, improve communication, and boost overall employee and customer satisfaction.

Enjoy the Power of Virtual Tables in Your Own Environment

Virtual tables can help businesses get more out of their data, faster. The feature is ideal for companies looking to quickly access and visualize data without actually having to store the data in Dynamics 365. Users get rapid insight into Dataverse data or other disparate data using virtual tables—all without creating separate connectors or developing a custom plug-in.

Looking to leverage the power of Dynamics 365 Virtual Tables in your own technology stack? Contact JourneyTEAM. We’ll help you take full advantage of the latest feature from Microsoft and ensure you get even more from your data. Contact us today to get started.


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