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Full-Service vs Sherpa Implementations at JourneyTEAM

How to level up adoption with the right Implementation approach.

JourneyTEAM helps clients effectively adopt Microsoft technologies through two implementation methods. One for full-service that is fully designed for your environment and goals. One for Sherpa that empowers your team to carry the implementation with support. What are the differences between the two and, more importantly, which one is right for your implementation? Read on to find out the similarities, differences, and details below.

full service vs quick start implementation

What is a Full-Service Implementation?

This implementation is built for companies requiring and seeking JourneyTEAM to carry most of the implementation including, planning, deployment, customizations, etc.

Organizations that would benefit most from a full-service implementation likely have:

  • Limited bandwidth of internal project resources

  • A complex business footprint

  • A Lack of experience with integrated, fully functional data/operational systems

  • Extensive time and effort available to learn best practices of their new system from a partner, while maintaining mature business standards

“A sherpa is a guided implementation project where clients do the setup and configuration themselves. With Sherpa, we are also potentially guiding multiple clients/companies at the same time which grants clients community access and support. During a full-service project, we do the implementation hand in hand with you, offer more specialized help, and do the bulk of the setup with one client at a time.”

-Mike Smith, Project Management Director At JourneyTEAM

What is a Sherpa/Quick-Start Implementation?

The Sherpa implementation method keeps costs low while driving adoption. This type of implementation involves the clients’s team leading the implementation, but JourneyTEAM consultants offer guidance, training, and prep work.

The Sherpa methodology is best for organizations that have:

  • Resources that have done implementations before, or have the necessary training needed

  • The need for standard workshops, occasional 1:1s, and need minimal support

  • Already established advanced processes or are currently using other data/operational systems

  • Simply looking for an upgrade to a newer version of a technology system


Sherpa (Quick-Start)

​1:1 Sessions and Assistance

Group Setting

Project Management

Community Access

Weekly Check-ins

1 Workshop Per Week

Customizations and Targeted Support

Tiered Support

Adoption Training

Scheduled Office Hours

What’s Included in a Full-service Implementation at JourneyTEAM?

  • Discovery sessions to design the project scope

The technology partner works with the client to create a detailed timeline, project goals, and milestones to measure success along the way.

  • A dedicated Project Manager

Helps the project to stay on track all the way until go live. They also take detailed notes, reminds everyone on the client’s team of their commitments, and works closely with each member of the technology partner’s team.

  • Ongoing 1:1 Sessions with Consultants throughout the duration of the project that can be used for:

  1. Design sessions

  2. Detailed Q and A for unique requirements and customizations

  3. Weekly check-in calls

  4. Gauge progress and mark tasks as complete

  • Adoption Training

Training from our experts showing your users of various roles how they will use the new technology, catered to your unique needs. Tiered support options to select the support plan right for your organization. Basic support usually includes access to consultants for troubleshooting, updates, etc. Premiere support options include 24/7 support, and a designated point person for questions and system updates.

What’s Included in a Sherpa Implementation at JourneyTEAM?

  • One 1:1 session per week

An excellent opportunity to ask questions, troubleshoot roadblocks, customizations support

  • 1 Workshop per week

Various topics are available depending on the technology being implemented

  • Scheduled office hours

Access to senior consultants for advice, questions, and issues. (2 hours per week)

  • Community Access

Share ideas, resolve issues, and gain feedback from colleagues going through the same implementation that you are.

  • Tiered Support Program

Various options for ongoing support and assistance.

What Other Factors Determine Implementation Methodology?

Project timeline, budget, and integration capabilities are also important to consider when determining methodology. There are also integration capabilities that are crucial to evaluate, such as level of automation, volume of data, and transfer speed can help determine the right methodology for your organization.

full service vs quick start implementation

Why Work with JourneyTEAM?

Regardless of which implementation plan you choose, partnering with a technology consultancy is the way to go. Contact JourneyTEAM today for help determining the implementation method right for your unique organization.


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