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Healthcare Provider Uses Microsoft SharePoint for Document Management to Improve User Experience

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A large healthcare organization was storing their internal documentation in SharePoint and calling it ‘Doc Central’. However, because they have over 3,000 employees and do business across the United States, they needed their internal documents in a safe, central location that was easily accessible for all employees. Previously, they were using SharePoint 2013 but wanted to leverage the new functionalities and capabilities in the latest version of Office 365, all of which are designed to improve the user experience. In order to access these new features, they needed JourneyTEAM’s support in updating their existing SharePoint instance to the newest patch level.

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SharePoint Improves Business Processes

Because JourneyTEAM has extensive experience with all SharePoint versions and has worked with both solutions for more than 20 years, our communication and collaboration consultants knew exactly how to help this large healthcare company. By providing them with the latest version of Office 365, the healthcare provider improved their storage and access capabilities, allowing employees to access internal policies and industry documentation from anywhere.

JourneyTEAM SharePoint specialists also repaired their search system, enabling employees to find desired documents more quickly. They also improved their workflow services farm which allowed their business process automation to work more seamlessly with their document-sharing processes. Now, when certain documents were filled out, they are correctly sent to the right person for approval within SharePoint.

With the most current software installed, this large healthcare provider was able to meet their document storage requirements. Employees now can find needed documents containing policy and MSDS information, and review, edit, and approve them. The employee experience improved as documents could now be submitted more efficiently.

JourneyTEAM SharePoint consultants also worked to provide custom guidance and training to ensure a positive adoption of SharePoint. The healthcare provider has stated they may partner with JourneyTEAM in the future as they migrate their SharePoint from on-prem to the cloud.

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