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Is Partnering With a Dynamics 365 Consultant Worth it?

7 Ways Consultants Can Add to Your ROI with Dynamics 365.

It’s been said that enlisting the expertise of a consultant can unlock the full potential of the Dynamics 365 Sales application, but how? Is it a worthwhile investment for your organization, and its growing business needs? Explore how a consultant can actively contribute to bringing your Dynamics 365 Sales to life by asking the following questions.

maxmize business potential with dynamics 365

1. Do You Need Custom Solutions?

Dynamics 365 Sales boasts flexibility and adaptability to specific business needs. If you want to cater your instance of Dynamics 365 to perform specific functions, a consultant has the know-how. A Microsoft CRM Sales consultant actively collaborates with you to comprehend your unique requirements and tailors the system to match your workflow, industry, and customer base. This results in enhanced team effectiveness, as the system provides the necessary data and insights for your specific users to drive success. An adept consultant not only implements customizations but also delves into the purpose behind each one, ensuring optimal system usage by preventing unnecessary clutter and ensuring that each feature serves a purpose. Their active expertise ensures that your customizations align with best practices, maximizing the long-term benefits of your tailored Dynamics 365 Sales environment.

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2. How Important is Implementation Experience?

Consultants bring extensive experience with successful Dynamics 365 implementations to the table. Whether it's your second sales productivity tool or your first-ever software implementation, consultants have executed hundreds of projects, gaining insights into potential pitfalls. Their accumulated experience enables prompt recognition and addressing of issues, ensuring your project stays on track. Consultants also actively provide an external perspective, validating existing processes and helping leverage current technology to enhance solutions. Whether you are implementing Dynamics 365 or aiming to maximize the value of your Dynamics 365 CRM, consultants actively contribute to the success of the project.

Mark Weilandt, Principal CRM Consultant at JourneyTEAM shares, “Many people think of Dynamics consultants as purely technology consultants.  We are also business process consultants due to the fact that we have modeled and automated business processes fit for the multiple customized projects we have implemented every year.”

3. What Technology Integrations are Needed?

One of the greatest strengths of Dynamics 365 is its ability to integrate with your other systems and workflows. A consultant takes the stress off your IT team by ensuring the connections in the integration are smooth to amplify operational efficiency while minimizing disruptions. This also saves your team IT overhead spend as they don’t have to spend valuable time updating the systems or configuring integrations. Working with consultants for a Dynamics 365 integration ensures a smooth transition, allowing your team to actively focus on closing deals rather than dealing with new system issues. Additionally, consultants actively possess the expertise to recommend complementary technologies that can further enhance the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales, creating a holistic and synergistic tech ecosystem for your business.

4. Is Your CRM Foundation Scalable?

By working with a Microsoft CRM consultant, you actively plan and develop your CRM system for scalability, ensuring it easily adapts to evolving business needs. Consultants bring foresight to the scalability process, actively helping you design a foundation that accommodates future growth. This involves not only assessing your current needs but also considering industry trends and potential advancements in technology. As your business evolves, a consultant's ongoing guidance actively ensures that your Dynamics 365 Sales system remains a flexible and robust platform, ready to scale in tandem with your organization's expansion and simplifies onboarding of new employees.

5. In Need of Continuous Dynamics 365 Support?

Another pro of partnering with Dynamics 365 consultants is help with continuous growth by actively monitoring, fine-tuning, and updating Dynamics 365 Sales. This guarantees its relevance and effectiveness. Many consultants provide continual support, keeping your CRM system aligned with evolving needs. In addition to regular maintenance, consultants actively identify opportunities for improvement by staying abreast of the latest updates and features within Dynamics 365 Sales. This ongoing commitment to optimization ensures that your organization continually extracts maximum value from the CRM system, aligning it with the latest industry standards and best practices.

6. How Can You Increase Dynamics 365 User Adoption?

Empowering your team members is a priority of top Dynamics 365 consultants. They equip your team members with skills and knowledge to get the most from their Dynamics 365 system. Many consultants even offer comprehensive 1:1 training sessions that lead to a positive user experience, and thereby boost confidence and productivity. Training from consultants emphasizes how Adoption and Change Management are integral parts of every project, actively helping your team seamlessly transition to and embrace Dynamics 365.

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7. Does a CRM improve Customer Satisfaction?

Data is at the core of any CRM system, and maintaining high-quality data is vital for decision-making and management of customer relationships. Leveraging data-driven insights, consultants actively redefine sales strategies, ensuring a customer-centric approach. This not only achieves sales excellence but also fosters lasting customer loyalty. Dynamics 365 consultant can actively help you create dashboards and reports that provide the information you need to actively monitor performance, customer engagement, and forecast revenue in real-time. Dynamics 365 consultants also assist you in establishing data governance policies, data validation rules, and data quality processes to ensure your CRM remains a valuable asset.

Start Increasing Value With a Dynamics 365 Sales Consultant

In today’s competitive business scene, navigating the complexities of customer relationships while maximizing revenue is pivotal for sustainable growth. Dynamics 365 Sales is a tech powerhouse, and when paired with a consultant, it actively aids companies in streamlining sales processes, enhancing customer engagement, and driving ROI. To learn more about the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales, read here.


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