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Meet Infrastructure Storage Needs with Azure

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

A large real estate company was experiencing limitations with its on-prem infrastructure. The system was experiencing occasion outages and had limited accessibility. Additionally, when acquiring new clients or additional internal users, they were not able to scale easily. This led to them needing a more efficient way to store and access new information and data systems. To resolve these issues, the company turned to Microsoft Azure.

This real estate company has nearly 500 employees and has constructed over 40,000 homes in the last 40 years. They have a large infrastructure made up of many servers, domain controllers, DHCP servers, and more. The company needed to move to Azure to have a more scalable, universally accessible environment. Essentially, the company had multiple physical hardware systems storing all their data, which restricted the amount of added information and computer systems it could handle at one time. Additionally, having data stored on hardware led to frequent hardware replacements or upgrades.

User access was also limited in that if too many users accessed data in hardware systems at one time, an outage would occur which affected other servers and increased the chance of data loss, unnecessary time consumption, and unplanned costs. They need to move to the Azure platform to improve access and storage with fewer power outages.

Migrating to Azure for Extensive Access Functionalities

JourneyTEAM Azure and Cloud team specialists worked closely with this company’s technical resources to safely migrate all their infrastructure to live in Microsoft Azure. Now, when user volume is high, Azure can efficiently house their large infrastructure of computers and systems. This real estate company’s users can now safely access information within Azure without worrying about outages. The solution also provides the expansive capabilities the growing company requires, allowing them to scale with ease.

Having their infrastructure in Azure enables the servers to be up and running more quickly should power outages occur as well as limit the number of systems affected by the outage. This limits the chance of valuable data being lost or inaccessible and ensures users can continue working. Finally, because Azure provides an environment with more freedom and flexibility, users now have fewer roadblocks and are not limited in their access to information.

Migrate to the Cloud with the Help of a Microsoft Gold Partner

Interested in migrating to the cloud? Please contact a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today to learn how to seamlessly migrate to Azure and how it can benefit your business.