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New Power BI Premium Support for Larger Datasets. See if it Works for Your Organization.

Updated: Jun 22

Since its release about six months ago, Power BI Premium has quickly become the tool of choice for businesses looking to deploy critical intelligence at large scale and peak performance. Today, we are excited to announce the next step in our vision: Power BI Premium now supports uploading Power BI Desktop (.PBIX) files that are up to 10 GB in size – a x10 increase compared to before.

Power BI datasets are highly compressed, representing data volumes many times their size. This means that in practice, Premium in conjunction with large datasets translates to self-service, real-time exploration against data with potentially hundreds of millions of rows.

power bi tracking data

It’s easy to start using Power BI Premium with large datasets. In fact, it’s the exact same process that you’re familiar with. Simply download the latest version of Power BI Desktop, create your report and publish it to a workspace in the service that’s been assigned to Premium capacity.

Once your report and dataset are published, the full capabilities of Power BI and Premium capacity can be unleashed on your data. Distribute dashboards and reports widely without the need for per-using licensing. Ask questions of your data with natural language. Set up scheduled refresh to ensure that your intelligence is always up-to-date.

With Power BI Premium, it’s never been easier to get clear, actionable insights from large datasets. But we aren’t finished yet. Stay tuned to our blog for even more exciting Power BI Premium news to come to enable truly massive datasets.

For a demo of this new capability, you can watch the following video.

Here’s the complete list of December 2017 updates:


  • Q&A for report creation (preview)

  • Cross-highlighting for bookmarks

  • More bookmark flexibility

  • Field properties pane and field descriptions

  • Scatter visual from x- & y-axis groupings

  • High density sampling for maps based on latitude and longitude

  • Responsive slicers

  • New custom visuals

  • Card Browser

  • Table Heatmap

  • Data Image by CloudScope

  • Power KPI Matrix

  • Text Filter

  • ChartAccent – LineChart

  • ChartAccent – BarChart


  • Drill filters other visuals

Data connectivity

  • Adobe Analytics connector (preview)

  • HDInsight Interactive Query connector

  • Data.World connector

  • SAP BW connector improvements:

  • Support for connecting to an SAP BW Message Server

  • Support for Windows Authentication

  • IBM Netezza connector is now generally available

Further reading

Article by: Christian Wade.


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