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OmniPay and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Provide a Great Payment Platform

Updated: May 5, 2020

Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales now have access to one of the industry's leading payment platforms. OmniPay, by JourneyTEAM, is already one of the most trusted payment solutions out there. The system is intuitive, versatile, and secure. Now, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales users can take advantage of everything this system has to offer.

Compliance made easy

We understand that compliance is always going to be a major concern when you're choosing a good payment platform. With OmniPay, there is no need to worry. OmniPay will help insure that you stay in compliance at all times with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. It has built-in tokenization, which provides an extra layer of protection for sensitive credit card data. Point-to-point data encryption (P2PE) is also built in. And the "Payments As A Platform" service offers extensive payment capabilities: credit/debit and ACH payments, recurring payments, hosted payments pages for clients, Quickbooks Sync, and a host of others.

Omnipay set-up is simple, straightforward...and free

First-time Omnipay users are often surprised by just how easy the system is to set up. All you have to do is download OmniPay from Microsoft Appsource. Then contact OmniFund to set up your merchant account, and you're set! You can start receiving credit card payments through Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 users will feel at home right away with OmniPay's common sense functionality. All of your payments will be stored as "activities" in the familiar Dynamics 365 for Sales user interface and are applied against the record-keeping that your business already uses.

And for a limited time, enabling Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to receive payments is free with this Appsource solution.

Omnipay offers flexible solutions

OmniPay is flexible. Does your business take prepayments against quotes? Do you receive payments against invoices only? OmniPay can be configured to support your requirements. Already integrated with a third-party ERP or other system that needs to use its own IDs for Account, Contact, Quote, Order, Invoice? OmniPay is ready to support this configuration.

OmniPay provides iron-clad security

OmniPay provides you with extra layers of security. We understand that not every user of the Dynamic 365 system should be allowed to create and view payments. That's why OmniPay uses security roles to control Dynamics 365 records. As the business owner, you will be able to closely control which actions each user can perform.

Payments in Dynamics 365 are linked back to the OmniPay payment record, so you have all the benefits of OmniPay’s "Payments As A Platform" service, at the touch of a button. Whether you create payments in Dynamics 365 for Sales or in the OmniPay platform directly, payment data is collected and securely available to sales representatives or customer service agents in the familiar Dynamics 365 user interface. Because of the breadth of the OmniPay platform, you can easily accept payments from e-commerce shopping carts, secure payment pages, and chip card readers.

Get started with OmniPay right away!

Whether you already have a merchant account and are looking for a change to a lower cost provider or just want to begin to take card payments, OmniPay is lightweight and easy enough for you to get started right away while enjoying the capability and easy navigation of the world class Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

JourneyTEAM can help answer questions and create an implementation roadmap. Contact us today for more information.