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This Tool Grows Your Direct Sales Company Faster

Updated: May 8, 2019

Direct Sales companies compete for the hearts and minds of those who would both consume and share their products with others - the distributors.

This group of individuals makes up the sales force of the company, and also largely makes up its customer base.

The growth rate of a direct sales company is determined by its ability to recruit new distributors, get them engaged in the business and the mission of the company, and increase that engagement over time.

The Challenge...

Is that the ratio of leaders to distributors is so very low.

There's you - the small team of sales leaders who work for the company. And then there's a small handful of distributors who know what to do, and who lead massive lines of distributors, often comprised of thousands of people.

Most of those distributors don't ever produce much value for the company - either because they don't want to, or they don't know how.

Meanwhile, you and your top distributor leaders are stuck trying to figure out where you can impact the company's revenue most effectively. There's a LOT of data in your environment, but no great ways to make sense of it to help you see where you can make an impact.

The Solution

To solve this problem, JourneyTEAM created AINM - which stands for "Artificial Intelligence for Network Marketers."

By making sense of the mountains of distributor and customer data at your company in ways that a human mind never could, AINM gives the sales leaders and the distributors at your company the best possible guidance on how to grow and succeed.

It delivers this guidance in a way that every single distributor can consume - a simple text message or instant message. Because we all know that no matter how cool the dashboards in your back office system are, most distributors don't use them.

Every day, sales leaders and distributors get intelligent guidance on who to spend time with and what to focus on to have the biggest impact on recruiting and sales.

Does AINM sound like what your company needs?

Get more info:


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