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Updates Coming to Microsoft Power BI | April 2022

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

JourneyTEAM developers review the latest features coming to Power BI as part of the 2022 Wave One release in our February 2022 Tech Insider Update event.

Microsoft Power BI has seen a number of exciting updates in recent months. Several new innovations are extending the tool’s capabilities, allowing users to do more with business data than ever before.

As part of their continuing efforts to enhance the platform’s current features, Microsoft is releasing a number of new features to Power BI and Power Apps beginning April 2022. In our February 2022 Tech Insider Update, one of our developers provided an overview of the latest features and how JourneyTEAM supports teams in integrating new capabilities. You can view the entire discussion in our on-demand video here or read the summary below.

Power BI Deployment Pipeline Updates

Using the deployment pipeline tool, users can easily manage the lifecycle of organizational content. The tool currently features a development, testing, and production workspace where users can test content, including dataflows, reports, dashboards, and more before users consume it.

Beginning April 2022, users will now have the ability to move reports between workspaces, a capability that is not currently available. This added functionality allows users to enjoy enhanced communication as well as greater flexibility during the testing process.

power bi user dashboard

Please note this feature is available for Power BI Premium members only.

Power Apps Quick Create

Admins will have the ability to enable the Power Apps Quick Create tool directly from the Power Apps Maker portal. When users select ‘visualize this view’, a Power BI report is automatically generated based on the data within the view. The solution guesses where fields should be placed and users have the ability to edit fields as needed.

While this functionality is ideal for gaining quick insights into business data, these reports cannot be shared or saved and automatically reset after one hour. Microsoft has stated this is a limitation they’re hoping to overcome in the near future.

Power BI Sparklines

With datasets and trends becoming increasingly bigger, it can be difficult for users to compare large trends quickly. Power BI sparklines resolves this issue by generating simple charts that are added to a column or table for easy visualization. Users can easily view and compare trends and make decisions based on the data.

power bi data chart

Hybrid Tables

Currently, Power BI users had to make difficult tradeoffs between data freshness and data query performance. While Power BI’s import mode provides high-quality performance, it cannot handle large amounts of new data as well as DirectQuery mode. However, DirectQuery mode does not have the best report performance, ultimately forcing users to choose between high-performance and up-to-date data.

refresh data in power bi

With Hybrid Tables, users can enjoy both the high-performance power of import mode and the data freshness of DirectQuery. Users can import data from any time period—whether it be a few hours or a few years ago—and have DirectQuery import the most recent data. Data is then organized into a few different partitions, allowing users to view both valuable contextual data as well as up-to-date data in a single window. This new capability provides users with near real-time data in a single report as well as visualization updates instantaneously.

Please note this feature is currently available for Power BI Premium users only.

Unlock the Full Power of Power BI with JourneyTEAM

The capabilities of Power BI are constantly changing. Even business teams who currently rely on the platform for data visualization and reporting may not have fully realized the true power of the solution. That’s where JourneyTEAM comes in.

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive knowledge and experience of Microsoft solutions, including Power BI and Power Apps. We’ve helped dozens of businesses unlock the full power of the platform in our Power BI courses. Classes are offered at a fundamental, intermediate, and advanced DAX level and review the fundamentals of the solution, including data modeling, visualization, and more. Additionally, our Power Apps in a Day course provides a thorough introduction to the solution and how to effectively utilize it in business processes.

Whether you’re just getting started with Power BI or want to extend the platform’s capabilities, JourneyTEAM is here to help. Contact us today to sign up for one of our classes or to learn more about our service offerings.


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