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What to Expect in Your Path to Digital Transformation | Part Three

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In this final post on achieving digital transformation, we discuss how to create a project roadmap and map solutions to goals.

project roadmap

It’s the final step of getting started with digital transformation. The purpose has been defined, goals established, milestones mapped out–now it’s time to create a project roadmap.

This is where everything comes together. It’s the what, why, when, and how of the project all in a single document that can be shared across teams. The sole purpose of the document is to act as a high-level visualization of the project and it’s phases. Essentially, it acts as a guide to keep teams on track and accountable.

To empower business teams to create their own project roadmaps, we’ve broken down the main components to include in these documents. We’ll also describe how JourneyTEAM and our team of experts help organizations find the right tools and people to ensure project success.

3 Steps for Writing a Project Roadmap

A successful digital transformation roadmap includes three things: the kickoff, the project technology, and the project team. We’ll review these in more detail below.

1. The Kickoff

Before the project actually begins, it’s crucial for business teams to hold a kickoff meeting. During the meeting, teams should be introduced to other key members as well as stakeholders, be made aware of stakeholder expectations, and ask any clarifying questions before the project begins. This ensures all team members are all on the same page prior to starting work.

It’s also during this step that key roadmap elements are identified, including:

  • Project scope: This is the big-picture vision of what teams hope to accomplish at the end of the project.

  • Deliverables: These are the specific end results of certain project activities and can include producing a document, piece of software, or an actual physical project.

  • Project schedule: The timeline provides a chronological order of when project tasks or activities should be completed.

  • Project milestones: Milestones are events included on the project timeline that show how the project is progressing.

  • Risks: These are challenges associated with project activities, deliverables, schedule, resources, team members, or other external factors that could affect the project.

JourneyTEAM attends project kickoff to help guide the discussion and answer any questions if needed. Additionally, we help teams build a project roadmap that fulfills specific goals while keeping costs low and efficiency high.

2. The Project Technology

This is arguably the most important part of the project roadmap. Teams need to know which technology solutions they’re going to use to track progress, collaborate and communicate, and where they’re going to build products. Each solution needs to be carefully considered to ensure each one helps—not hinders—project status.

At JourneyTEAM, we help teams find the right solutions to meet specific project or business goals and that the suite of solutions work together seamlessly. To do this, we carefully document each aspect of the customer journey, including:

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Pricing

  • Timeline

  • Schedule

  • Milestones

  • Minor goal checkpoints

With this information, we’re able to build a realistic and detailed project roadmap.

journeyteam broad roadmap example

3. The Project Team

Once the project roadmap has been created, teams can begin assigning team members to the particular project. While the technology enables teams to get to their destination, it’s the project team that drives the vehicle, which is why it’s crucial to choose smart, dependable, and skilled individuals.

When partnering with JourneyTEAM, the project team typically consists of internal subject matter experts and a team of highly skilled experts from JourneyTEAM. JourneyTEAM’s project team includes a dedicated enterprise project lead, an industry expert, project manager, and more. Working together, we’re able to assign the right people to the right roles to ensure project success.

Start Your Path to Digital Transformation with JourneyTEAM

With the project roadmap created and team members assigned to the project, it’s time to begin working. And with JourneyTEAM as a project partner, teams can be assured that both projects and people are working together with minimal disruption. Whether teams need extensive help and support or experts to talk to when needed, JourneyTEAM provides customized support, empowering teams to unlock their full potential and successfully achieve digital transformation.

To learn more about JourneyTEAM and how we empower businesses on their path to digital transformation, contact a representative



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