Adoption and Change Management

Strengthen your organization’s approach to adopting new software through JourneyTEAM’s comprehensive adoption and change management services.

Simplifying Microsoft Adoption

Successful adoption requires a change in behavior.

With JourneyTEAM, you can meet the typical user adoption challenges head on while learning how to define and prepare your change management strategy, implement adoption plans, reinforce change across the organization, and onboard employees at scale, ultimately improving the employee experience. Clients can expect to…

  • Align technology with business outcomes

  • Maximize their Microsoft Investment

  • Reduce help desk calls

  • Increase collaboration among teams

  • Conduct efficient and effective online meetings

  • Improve employee productivity and performance

  • Decrease security risk

  • Remove duplicate applications causing less confusion and disconnected systems

What to Expect
Planning and resources for success!

To start on your path to success, our JourneyTEAM change management experts will set up a pre-engagement call to discuss your unique situation. Then we’ll get you set up with the right training and resources including but not limited to…


Business decision maker workshop aligning business outcomes with technology. Detailed adoption and change management plan.

Communication Resources

Detailed communication resources and plan.

Robust Training Portal

Assigned Microsoft 365 training, live events, downloadable training resources, and knowledge checks.


Polling, reporting and tracking