Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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Build Resilience with an Agile Supply Chain Management System

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain is part of a larger ERP suite (Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain). The solution is aimed at midsize and large enterprises with suitability for some global enterprises. For example, maintenance supervisors can improve planning or determine team member effectiveness. Insights encourage proactive and preventative maintenance.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management  allows you to manage orders and maintain control of individual items or a bill of materials. All require version management and comprehensive control. Create and release master products to specific customers for use throughout a group, saving time and ensuring consistency through the engineering change management (ECM) process.

  • Quickly source a complete snapshot of the stock and production position for an item through the inventory on-hand view when processing an order. This insight allows for a timely response to customer and staff queries.

  • Configure, track, and test every item managed for distribution or production with the complete product life cycle.

  • Track and test items or raw materials for quality—and match to the vendor’s invoice. Request for quotation (RFQ) for new order fulfillment needs. Assess vendors using a scoring system and respond to questionnaires to select and award a contract to the best vendor.

  • Track every purchase order, quantity, and activity. Easily view order, delivery, and invoice status. Access actionable insights such as vendor-performance assessments and material quality.

  • Get real-time intelligence with Power BI. See how the complete supply chain is performing, like inbound or outbound production processing.

  • Go further and see how shipments have performed through fleet or freight. The right insights ensure goods are delivered at the right time.


Resolve Product Quality Issues and Accelerate Time to Market with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

  • Product information and inventory across global sites and subsidiaries.

  • You can gain a competitive advantage by centrally managing product information across global sites and subsidiaries.

  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you to reduce product innovation costs by reusing configured products to meet changing customer needs.

  • Supply Chain Management ensures compliance and on-time delivery by quickly responding to changing customer specifications and seamlessly managing product revisions.

  • Overcome disruptions due to product quality by resolving them with engineering change management to ensure production lines are running continuously.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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