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Business Central Starter Training

Updated: Jan 18

Learn how to perform various functions within Dynamics 365 Business Central. You'll find the following below:

1. How to Import Master Data

It’s time to migrate master data from your old ERP solution to your new Business Central.

How to use import templates in Excel

You should now watch a series of videos about using Excel templates to import master data to your Business Central. Watch more »

getting started with business central


You can download the Excel templates described in the videos here: Import Customers Import Vendors Import Items Import Ship-to-address Import Sales prices Import Master Data set

Alternative Import Options

You can also add master data manually in Business Central, or you can use the Import Worksheet tool for data not covered by the templates, we have supplied. Read about these two options in the following paragraphs:

How to add master data manually You can watch a series of videos about adding data manually. Watch more »

How to import master data with Import Worksheet You can watch a series of videos about importing master data to your Business Central. Watch more »

Learn more about Master Data

If you are importing more than just basic customer, vendor, and item data, it’s good to begin by planning how master data should be structured in your new Business Central.

You may have customized your old ERP solution by adding additional fields to tables, because you have registration needs that are unique for your company. You now have the job to decide where these custom master data will end up in Business Central.

2. Additional Training

At this point, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In the Catalyst Go concept, your training is based on online self-study.

There is a comprehensive selection of videos on for you to dive into, and you can watch as many instructional videos as you like.

abakion business central tips

3. Prepare to Go Live

Set up Users

Before your company goes live with the Business Central solution, you must create the user accounts you need. You can see more about this topic in these videos:

These additional capabilities are available for businesses that require them:

If you already have business ongoing, you will probably want to post opening entries for your Customers and Vendors, too. And, if you have physical inventory that you want to manage, remember to carry out a positive adjustment of the inventory. Watch these videos, if you need more than just an opening balance in the chart of accounts.

4. Go live

Once you have created and posted the opening balances, you are ready to use the system. The first thing you need to do in the system is to add the sales and purchase orders that you may already have in your old system. Watch these videos, if you want to learn how to do this »

You’re done, congratulations. Well done!

To learn more about what Business Central can do, or to quickly get started, read here.

5. Have Questions?

We're happy to assist with any questions you may have during your Business Central journey, pick the option below that best fits your communication preferences.


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