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Enhanced Sales Collaboration and Lead Generation with Dynamics 365 Global Ribbon

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Discover how JourneyTEAM streamlined disparate communication and simplified the process for sales leads for a popular truck rental company.

A trucking company has been providing corporate truck rentals across the United States for over 40 years. They offer pickup, flatbed, and service body trucks which are ideal for hauling a variety of materials between job sites. Businesses who need trucks but don’t want to purchase and manage their own fleet of trucks will find exactly what they need in this company’s vast inventory.

Because this rental company operates nationwide, its CRM system is filled with thousands of potential sales opportunities inputted by its sales team.

However, their lead process was convoluted in the sense that leads were passed back and forth between teams and salespeople multiple times before finally turning into a quote. This made it difficult for salespeople to know when new leads were assigned to them and lengthened the overall sales process.

The rental company wanted to create a new process that would provide total visibility of new and current leads without sacrificing security. They wanted to move beyond email notifications and create something that wouldn’t flood their inbox. Additionally, they wanted a simple, straightforward process that would allow salespeople to take action on leads faster. 

Using the ‘Enable Rule’ in Dynamics 365 to Streamline Communication

To simplify their sales process and increase overall visibility, JourneyTEAM developers attached an ‘Enable Rule’ to Dynamics 365’s Global Ribbon in this company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The new rule first performs a security check upon login to ensure the user is the correct salesperson. Once verified, the platform automatically checks for new leads assigned to the user and notifies them from the global ribbon. 

Users can then click on the notification and quickly see information such as where the lead is, who created the lead, and more. Managers can also see whether salespeople have been notified of new assignments and act if needed.

Now, this rental organization’s salespeople can view new lead assignments directly in their Dynamics 365 CRM system, enabling them to act more quickly. Additionally, leads are no longer being passed from person to person which has rapidly sped up the general sales process and improved their bottom line.

By moving away from a lengthy and complex lead process to a simple, streamlined process thanks to the Dynamics 365 Global Ribbon capability, the company is now enjoying increased quote visibility and can make faster, data-driven actions.  

Improve Your Bottom Line and Drive Action with JourneyTEAM

At JourneyTEAM, we’ve helped thousands of companies simplify and streamline processes with Microsoft tools. From the equipment manufacturing industry to healthcare and beyond, we’re supporting businesses looking to drive action, bolster their bottom line, and transform their data processes.

Discover how implementing Dynamics 365 or other Microsoft solutions in your technology stack can improve your sales processes, marketing strategies, customer experience, and more. Contact a JourneyTEAM consultant today to see what sales process tools are right for your business.


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