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How to Use Power Fx to Customize the Command Bar

Master Power Fx in the command bar to harness the full potential of Microsoft Power Apps and create innovative, efficient, and tailored solutions to meet a wide range of business needs.

By mastering Power Fx in the command bar, coders gain the ability to create custom formulas and expressions, enabling them to build complex logic and manipulate data with ease. This proficiency opens doors to enhancing the functionality and interactivity of Power Apps, and in turn, the creation of more dynamic user experiences.

how to use pwoer fx to customize the command bar

Here are the steps to customizing Power Fx in the command bar:

  1. Open the App at

  2. Select the entity you want to customize the command bar, you can customize the main grid, the main form, the sub-grid view, and the associated view.

  3. You CAN’T edit any existing buttons, only new buttons.

  4. You can customize the label of the button and the icon.

  5. In the action, you can run javascript or formula.

  6. The formula will use Power Fx, Patch formula to create or update a record.

  7. Patch(source, record) source = table/entity – record = selected item formula

  8. Publish the button and refresh to see a new button

To view these steps in action, watch the full demo.

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