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Investment Firm Makes Data-Driven Decisions Thanks to Power BI

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Learn how one company improved business performance by centralizing data with Power BI.

A real estate investment company was struggling with disorganized data. Various types of data were being tracked in multiple locations, making it hard to efficiently manage their property information and make informed buying and investment decisions.

This real estate investor buys and leases storage units all over the United States. They have hundreds of properties with over 50 employees. Because they have such a large number of properties to manage and users who need to access this information, a centralized data system was critical. They needed a way for the metrics from each of their storage unit locations to be consolidated into a single location, accessible for end users, and robust in purpose.

Microsoft Power BI is the Ideal Reporting Solution

JourneyTEAM Power BI developers worked with this company’s technical team to migrate data from various excel spreadsheets to Microsoft Power BI. They created unique reports and dashboards that displayed various data, including available units, occupied units, storage unit sizes, and overall revenue. These dashboards provided the company with much-needed insights into business data. This organization can now categorize data by state and see how locations compare with other locations.

This Company’s leaders can now understand projected revenue for coming months with the insight gleaned from the storage units and their performance. They can make any necessary changes and invest more in certain locations based on Power BI reports. Ultimately, leadership gained cohesive and simplified reports that showed data in a centralized location and can make informed decisions to grow their business.

Looking to view all your data in a centralized location or want to make data-driven decisions? Contact a JourneyTEAM Power BI representative today to get started.

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