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JourneyTEAM’s Delivery Process

Understand the project delivery structure to get the most out of your consulting experience

JourneyTEAM’s project delivery process focuses on providing customers with maximum value during their digital transformation. With JourneyTEAM’s process, clients adopt new operations that increase efficiencies and reduce business costs. Below are the 3 steps of delivery that lead to project success:

journeyteams delivery process

Phase 1: Sales

  • Discovery & Demo Conversations — JourneyTEAM consultants cover the product, the outcomes, and ask questions to identify the client’s unique needs and goals.

  • Proposal/Statement of Work — JourneyTEAM provides a timeline and scope for revisions with the client to complete an Estimate of Work (EOW).

Phase 2: Delivery

  • ·Process Analysis, Validation & Planning —JourneyTEAM architects, developers, and project team evaluate current processes and technologies and identify how to fill any gaps with clients.

  • Project Launch/Kickoff-Project work begins — JourneyTEAM and the client launch the project and meet regularly to discuss planned work and milestones.

  • Implementation — Products are customized to meet client goals and implemented. JourneyTEAM provides knowledge transfer to prepare employees on the new technology.

  • Pre Go-live UAT Testing — JourneyTEAM and client users test new systems and processes to ensure all is functional and correct before go-live.

  • Go Live and Adoption Training — JourneyTEAM consultants provide 1:1 workshops to ensure end-users are equipped to adopt the new system.

Phase 3: Ongoing Support

  1. Request — The client contacts JourneyTEAM for support regarding updates, upgrades, questions, or roadblocks/issues.

  2. Resolve — JourneyTEAM specialists provide resolutions, elevating to Microsoft support if needed. Support is provided via email, call, or site visit.

  3. Ongoing Support — JourneyTEAM consultants continue to help clients continue to benefit from the effective use of their Microsoft investment with a focus on adoption and change management. Support options include various tiers and time durations to match client needs.

Communication as a Top Priority

Clear and frequent communication is crucial in any technology implementation for successfully adopting a new Microsoft technology. To prioritize communication, the delivery process focuses on frequent communication with JourneyTEAM's implementation team from kickoff to adoption.

Ready to Get Started with a New Technology?

To dive deeper into our delivery process, contact a solutions specialist today.


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