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Microsoft 365 Security Assessments at JourneyTEAM

Updated: Mar 7

Maximize your Microsoft 365 investment with JourneyTEAM’s expanding range of security assessments that fortify your organization against outside threats. These assessments evaluate your current tenant, highlighting strengths and weaknesses with remediation recommendations for enhancing your Microsoft Cloud environment.

Identity Access and Management Security Assessment

This evaluation is beneficial to your cloud security as it focuses on Azure Active Directory, your primary line of defense. This assessment analyzes Conditional Access policies, user risk, and authentication methods, and enlists other security best practices to provide a plan to maximize your security toolsets in Microsoft 365 and Azure AD.

Exchange Online Security Assessment

This assessment delves into the most widely used Microsoft cloud service and primary source of security breach scenarios - email. This detailed assessment analyzes spam and malware policies, thanks to Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection built to strengthen your defenses and protect your main channel of communication.

Endpoint & Device Management Assessment

Unlock the untapped potential of your device management strategy, and enlist proactive threat mitigation with JourneyTEAM's comprehensive Endpoint & Device Management Assessment. This assessment addresses pain points such as security concerns, complexity and integration challenges, user experience and productivity issues, mobile device management complexities, and data backup and recovery practices.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Health Check

You can combine any of the security assessments we offer to create a more comprehensive view of your security needs and technology maturity strategy. We offer a larger, broader Microsoft 365 Tenant Health Check for those organizations that need a comprehensive view of their Microsoft Cloud environment to best prepare for future scalability.

Dive deeper into what our M365 Tenant Health Check involves here.

For any questions about an assessment, contact a security specialist today.


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