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Migrate Access Data into PowerApps and Dataverse

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

See how the new migration capabilities are streamlining and simplifying data migration, allowing users to focus on more important tasks.

On May 11, 2022, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Access users can now migrate data into PowerApps and Dataverse. The new capability is available for customers who have a current or monthly channel for Microsoft 365. Users can also update their Microsoft Access to build 16.0.15128.20248 or later to access the Dataverse Connector and migration tool.

Microsoft designed the new data migration capability to simplify and streamline the process of migrating relationships, tables, and data. And with setup only taking a few minutes, users are up and running more quickly, empowering them to do even more with data.

A Closer Look into What’s Available

The general availability of this new feature provides users with the following capabilities for data currently contained in a Microsoft Access DB:

  • Access has new security features: These features include role-specific security and compliance functionalities. These functionalities are available through Dataverse cloud storage and Azure Active Directory. Users can easily manage these features.

  • Real-time sharing and editing of Access data: Users can effortlessly share and edit data within Access using cloud-based data stores and front-end applications created in Microsoft Teams, Access, Mobile, or Power Apps.

  • New front-end app scenarios: Users can access these new application scenarios either from mobile devices or within Microsoft Teams.

By simplifying data migration, customers can easily create and use data apps, virtual agents, workflows, and analyze previously inaccessible data. In addition to the enhanced security features, Access now offers real-time sharing and editing of data. This means that users can easily collaborate and make changes to their data within Access using cloud-based data stores and various front-end applications. You can share and edit data with your team members in Microsoft Teams, Access, Mobile, or Power Apps.

Furthermore, Access enables users to access new front-end app scenarios from both mobile devices and within Microsoft Teams.

One of the key benefits of these updates is the simplified data migration process. Users can now seamlessly migrate their data to Access and take advantage of all the new features and functionalities. This not only saves time but also ensures that we do not leave behind valuable data.

Overall, these advancements in Access provide users with a more secure and collaborative environment. With role-specific security and compliance functionalities, users can easily manage their data and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

Collaboration is easy with real-time sharing and editing. The new app scenarios allow for endless possibilities in data analysis and automation.

Access is truly evolving to meet the needs of modern businesses and empower users to make the most of their data. After importing, Access data will work like Dataverse data. Users can still use Access queries and forms without any problems.

How to Migrate Access Data to Dataverse and PowerApps

Before users can migrate their Access data, they’ll need to ensure they have a current Power Apps license, an existing Power Apps trial environment, or have Power Apps installed with their Microsoft Teams license.

Users can start moving data in Microsoft Access after meeting the requirements. They can do this by right-clicking a table and choosing 'Export' and 'Dataverse'.

power apps dashboard

Users can also open a current data table, select ‘External Data’ from the ribbon, and click ‘Dataverse’.

Where to find the External Data tab in the ribbon

Simplify Data Migration Further with JourneyTEAM

While migrating Microsoft Access data into Dataverse or PowerApps is relatively straightforward, it can quickly become complicated—especially for teams with large, complex data.

At JourneyTEAM, we simplify the data migration process with our proven methodology and expert guidance. No matter how big or complicated the project, we ensure it’s completed quickly and successfully.

To learn more about JourneyTEAM’s data migration services and other offerings, contact us!



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