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Creating Canvas Apps to Enhance Sales Opportunity Visibility

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Discover how JourneyTEAM leveraged the high customization of Dynamics 365 Canvas Apps to create a truly unique sales dashboard to automate and simplify the sales process.

JourneyTEAM had the opportunity to help simplify the quoting process for the sales team of an equipment manufacturing company. This company makes and distributes screws and fasteners all over the United States. Because they have multiple locations, they needed a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system that would track the inventory data from each warehouse in one central location. Their previous processes were all operated by manually entering this data, and required extra work by members of their sales team when creating new quotes. They could also only view one quote at a time. They needed an automated approach for assigning sales leads, and quote generation to increase business revenue and improve the user experience.

This JourneyTEAM client wanted to take advantage of the customization of Dynamics 365 and the flexibility of Microsoft Canvas Apps. JourneyTEAM had previously created an application that enabled these users to view sales quotes; however, users could only integrate with a single table which limited visibility into sales data. The company wanted to extend the app’s functionality and allow users to view multiple sales orders and opportunities at once but was struggling to overcome the app’s limitations. 

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Creating a Canvas App for a Broad View of Sales Opportunities

By partnering with JourneyTEAM, the company was able to extend the app’s capabilities and get increased visibility into large amounts of sales data. JourneyTEAM developers used an iFrame which passed specific parameters into the new Canvas App; developers also utilized an existing web resource file for the application. 

Within the new Dynamics 365 Canvas App, sales reps could not only create sales quotes but also view and edit sales orders and opportunities in a single dashboard. Canvas Apps’ high customization capabilities allowed JourneyTEAM developers to write and integrate a variety of custom views and fields in order to meet the client’s exact specifications when creating a quote.

Ultimately, the company can see an increase in productivity and efficiency among sales reps. Users also reported greater visibility into potential sales opportunities—a functionality that would allow organized quotes to be created easier and quicker.

Looking to Improve the Sales Quote Process?

Whether you’re struggling with slow, manual processes or want to modernize your existing sales quote process, JourneyTEAM can help. Leveraging the power of Dynamics 365 Sales and additional Microsoft technologies, we’ll help you build an intelligent, powerful, and automated sales quote process that meets your specific goals.

Contact JourneyTEAM today to get started.


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