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Discover The 4 Ways Conversation Intelligence Boosts Sales Strategies

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead in the sales game requires more than just a stellar product or service. It demands deep insights, impeccable communication with prospects, and a profound understanding of your customers.

This is where Dynamics 365’s conversation intelligence features come into play, elevating your entire sales strategy. Conversation intelligence achieves this by using advanced analytics and AI capabilities to review customer conversations and provide insights to sellers.

AI predictive statistics say that AI will increase labor productivity and optimize business efficiency by 67%, automate communication by 70%, and improve data analytics by 59%.

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Here are 4 ways to use AI & conversation intelligence to enhance the sales process:

1. Identifies Key Topics

Conversation Intelligence employs algorithms and natural language processing to automatically identify keywords and key phrases during customer conversations. Users have the capability to define keywords and phrases that are particularly important to their business, to gain insights on common customer topics. For example, users can specify keywords related to competitors or similar service providers, which would equip sellers with the information they need to conduct competitive research or resolve customer concerns.

2. Performs a Sentiment Analysis

Understanding the sentiment of a conversation is crucial for gauging customer satisfaction. Conversation intelligence uses the sentiment feature to extract information and determine if the conversation is positive, neutral, or negative. A positive sentiment might indicate strong interest from a customer, while a negative sentiment might signal dissatisfaction.

3. Highlights Action Items

Conversation Intelligence automatically identifies and highlights key parts of a conversation. This can include specific topics discussed, customer questions, or action items mentioned during the call. Once identified, these important elements are recommended to be included in the notes for the call. Sales reps can easily access these recommendations and choose to incorporate them into their records. Additionally, this feature then has the option to track action items as they are completed. If a customer requests a follow-up demonstration or any specific action, it is flagged and recommended to be scheduled or noted for future reference. Sellers can then mark off tasks as they are completed, thereby helping the customer move seamlessly through the sales cycle.

4. Provides Future Coaching Opportunities

Sales managers have access to their sellers’ conversations and reports allowing for review and analysis. Managers can then identify strengths and weaknesses in their team's communications and provide targeted coaching to enhance sales skills.

Ready to Streamline Sales?

Conversation Intelligence is a game-changer for sales teams. It not only enhances customer understanding and satisfaction but also streamlines communication, aids in documentation, and facilitates coaching for continuous improvement.

If you want help getting started with conversation intelligence or any tools within Dynamics 365, contact a JourneyTEAM specialist today.

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