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What is Supply Chain Lite in D365 Finance and Supply Chain ERP?

Updated: Jan 3

The ultimate guide for explaining Supply Chain Lite, the type of organizations that benefit, and how to get started.

What Organizations Can Benefit from Supply Chain Lite?

The following criteria help determine if Supply Chain Lite is the right fit for your organization.

  • When your supply chain is not very complex

  • When your warehouse processes are straightforward

  • When your production and manufacturing is standard

  • When you are looking for a mature ERP solution that allows you flexibility without a multimillion-dollar price tag

What is Supply Chain Lite?

Finance and Supply Chain Lite is a configuration approach of implementing Microsoft’s Large Enterprise Resource Planning tool. It allows a medium-sized business to have the same feature set available as a large enterprise ERP solution but does not force all the functionality and processes on the organization. It is a cloud-based SaaS solution that provides an economical and effective path for mature digitization of Finance and Supply Chain operations through pre-defined configuration while meeting industry best practices.

The Benefits of Supply Chain Lite

GUIDE Discovery and GUIDE Design allow Finance and Supply Chain leadership within an organization to answer critical business process-focused questions with a self-paced or hybrid approach to evaluating the business processes. These results inform the scope needed to configure D365 F&O for the organization. Online-based surveys are also leveraged to accelerate what is traditionally a long, drawn-out series of working sessions that consume many days of key business process leaders’ time. The time savings are then realized in real dollars as project timelines are shortened and resources are freed up to keep the business growing.

JourneyTEAM's Supply Chain Lite Option

JourneyTeam’s F&O Lite implementation model and tools allow for an accelerated time to operation for your ERP project. Through leveraging our GUIDE Discover and GUIDE Design analysis tools, we can define a Rough Order of Magnitude for your ERP Project in as short as 3 weeks. Check out the tool, and get started optimizing your supply chain today!


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