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3 Common Challenges Solved with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: Jan 17

How one manufacturer solved 3 major production and reporting problems using Dynamics 365 Business Central.


A major part of this manufacturer’s operations includes partnering vendors and parent companies together for the distribution of their water resources and services. They were facing the following communication and operational challenges:

  • This crucial coordination process was limited in its efficiency in logging internal purchasing controls and vendor information.

  • The legacy system used to track this information was time-consuming as it required manual updates and could not provide easy access to valuable information.

  • The current system had disparate inventory and general ledger systems, which resulted in higher overhead costs as the organization was paying for two systems.

  • The two systems were not seamlessly communicating with each other, creating inaccurate sales forecasts and product needs.

This organization needed a new financial solution to track progress on their internal control approval and project sales to gain detailed reporting analytics and visuals. This organization also sought to better document their preferred vendors and quotes to create a more efficient, error-free approval process.

Dynamics 365 Business Central as a Unified Solution

This manufacturer evaluated several ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platforms and selected Dynamics 365 Business Central for its customizations, integrations, and detailed features. Here are the three common challenges Business Central solved for this organization:

  1. Business Central resolved most of the organization’s manufacturing reporting inefficiencies. The solution acted as a centralized location for their inventory and supply chain data and updated their general ledger system automatically. Not only did this save the company valuable time, but it also improved the accuracy of its sales forecasting and inventory management.

2. Dynamics 365 Business Central allowed this manufacturer to improve and simplify their vendor and quote approval processes. Team members could track where vendor information was in the process, and could quickly and easily communicate and collaborate with their B2B organizations.

3. Company employees now have access to powerful reporting and data analytics. These crucial insights have empowered users to identify areas of improvement and where to shift budget or resources if necessary.

Overall, the manufacturer can now make actionable data-driven decisions to reduce costs. By automating key processes, the organization has improved overall accuracy and efficiency, enabling them to meet key business and financial goals more easily.

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