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Business Central as a One-Stop-Shop Accounting System

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Discover how a healthcare company improved data accessibility and streamlined process with JourneyTEAM’s Business Central sherpa program.

A non-profit healthcare company needed expert guidance on how to efficiently adopt Dynamics 365 Business Central. This company provides resources to several mental health and substance abuse centers in Colorado. Their financial team was experiencing difficulties operating their legacy accounting systems. Users were navigating between numerous disparate systems for payroll, accounting, and reporting. For example, the company was using Dynamics SL for their accounting systems and a different system for billing information. This was often time-consuming and led to complications for users who depended on these reports and processes to complete daily tasks.

This healthcare company needed a way to unify and centralize accounting information to improve the user experience as well as limit financial data errors. By leveraging JourneyTEAM’s Dynamics 365 Business Central sherpa program, the company was able to easily implement the solution, seamlessly integrate systems, and centralize all data for faster, easier access to information.

JourneyTEAM’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Sherpa Program

This growing healthcare company needed to modernize to a new finance and accounting software to keep up with their finance needs as well as scale for future growth. Dynamics 365 Business Central was the ideal solution as it could house all information from disparate systems in a single location. JourneyTEAM consultants helped them implement Dynamics 365 Business Central and migrate all financial information. This made data easier to manage, and showed their technical team how to navigate and view their financial data more efficiently.

The healthcare team was also able to enjoy the solution’s high customization as well as access to additional solutions and capabilities featured in the solution. By migrating from their legacy system to a more modern, updated platform, the company was able to meet changing needs and scale with confidence.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Sherpa Program was the perfect implementation approach for this healthcare client. Because they had the technology resources available and were well versed with various accounting software and tools, JourneyTEAM Business Central consultants provided step-by-step training and best practices that further benefited the organization. JourneyTEAM also helped them know how to maximize their use of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Deploy Microsoft Solutions with Confidence

Whether you’re implementing Business Central or another Microsoft solution, it’s a huge undertaking. JourneyTEAM’s sherpa programs are designed to simplify and streamline the process, ensuring your implementation projects are successful both before and after launch.

If you are interested in learning more about Dynamics 365 Business Central or JourneyTEAM’s guided Sherpa implementation approach, talk with a specialist today.