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What to Know About JourneyTEAM’s Modern Work & Security Practice

JourneyTEAM’s Modern Work & Security Practice provides comprehensive support and consulting for all aspects of the Microsoft 365 platform. With an expert team and a comprehensive range of services, the Modern Work & Security Practice will help clients effectively build a platform for sustainable growth, and solve their unique business problems.

modern work and security at journeyteam

Expert Leadership and Team Composition

With a team of 19 additional members, the MWS Practice boasts a collective experience of 175 years in Microsoft solutions, along with an additional 50 years of experience in deploying complex and custom technical solutions.

Addressing Diverse Modern Work & Microsoft 365 Needs

JourneyTEAM is committed to becoming the go-to strategic partner for all things Microsoft 365 and Modern Work. The following are some areas the Modern Work & Security practice specializes in:

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • OneDrive

  • Office 365

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Identity management

  • Email

  • Modern device management

  • Voice

  • Business process automation

  • Document & records management

  • Viva

  • Any other Microsoft Cloud strategic initiative

Furthermore, the practice offers its services as a Microsoft 365 Managed Service Provider, ensuring the ongoing security and performance of critical cloud resources.

Read specific JourneyTEAM customer use cases about various mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, or use cases about content and collaboration.

Ready to Get Started? JourneyTEAM invites organizations to maximize the Microsoft 365 Platform's potential. Whether it's improving utilization, enhancing security, or using the platform to drive business growth, JourneyTEAM is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions. Connect with JourneyTEAM today to get started.

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